Clear your debt and protect your home in the process. The Diment Firm helps clients defend their homes from foreclosure in Gonzales, LA.

Attorney Diment works hard to help clients avoid foreclosure, or, if necessary, to foreclose as quickly and as easily as possible. Call 225-424-2588 today to discuss your financial situation with an experienced foreclosure lawyer in Gonzales, Louisiana.

3 warnings signs a foreclosure is on the horizon

You might think foreclosing on your home is out of the question, but if any of these are true it may be closer than you think:


You’ve maxed out your credit cards.


You can’t afford to pay your bills.


You can only pay for day-to-day expenses with credit.

Do any of these sounds familiar? If so, you may be heading toward foreclosure. Call 225-424-2588 today to speak with a foreclosure defense lawyer about your options.

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