If you’ve defaulted on a loan, the loan agent has the right to seize your vehicle. Most loan agencies aren’t quite that strict. Instead, they will typically allow you to pay late payments with an extra fee. If you can’t make those either, however, you could be in for a serious problem. That’s when you need to get a repossession defense lawyer on your side.

The Diment Firm offers aggressive defense for clients facing car repossession in Gonzales, Louisiana. Reach out to The Diment Firm as soon as possible to get one step closer to recovering your car.

3 things to know about repossession defense

There’s almost always a way to get your property back. Let The Diment Firm help you find the right path for you. Here are a few helpful things to know about repossession:


Your creditors are not allowed to take your vehicle from you using force.


You may be able to keep your vehicle if you can prove to your creditors that your credit is rising.


Voluntary repossession could save you money depending on how much you owe.

Attorney Diment is careful to follow appropriate procedures to help clients get their properties back after repossession. Call 225-424-2588 today to learn more about The Diment Firm.

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