Family Law

In communities we thrive today, families are faced with complicated legal scenarios. These legal issues range from straightforward pre-marital agreements, and complex divorce to custody options. Selecting a formidable attorney from Diment & Associates is instrumental to achieving the best outcome for your specific family legal issue warranting litigation.

Family Legal Cases

Family law is a body tasked with regulating family relationships, including marriage and divorce, and the treatment of children, including their custody. A family law attorney can represent families in family proceedings or related negotiations. They can provide legal assistance for emancipation, marital, or issues relating to divorce or legal separation, and other legal cases that fall under family law.

How Diment & Associates Help

Our family law attorneys can help, for instance in emancipation, a minor becoming independent and self-supporting. To have the assumption of adult responsibility for their own welfare and no longer require their parent’s care.

For couples who want to secure themselves in case of legal separation or divorce, a nuptial agreement would be important to avoid conflicts if such a thing happens. Our firm can help couples have an agreement they can adopt before and even after getting married; that they have given up on their rights to each other’s property in case of separation or death.

We can help you with negotiation, settlement, and litigation to win whatever your case is. Hitting the best interest of you and your children.

Are you in need of any family legal matters in Louisiana or Texas? Get in touch with our attorney at Diment & Associates as soon as possible. Our attorney can handle most cases remotely, and we design flexible payments for our clients.

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